Third International Golfzon Tournament at Golfplay | Kitchener

Third International Golfzon Tournament at Golfplay | Kitchener

Third International Golfzon Tournament
July 27, 2018 Steve Harris
Golfplay Golfzon Tournament

Third International Golfzon Tournament, Kitchener, Ontario

Golfplay is excited to host the 3rd Annual Golfzon Golf Tournament. The event runs the entire month of August and is being hosted in twelve countries around the world, with the top golfer from each country awarded a free trip to South Korea (Golfzon Headquarters) to compete in the finals October 18-20. Top prize id a 50G gold bar! (estimated value $2,700). Plus there is an additional $2,000 in prizes to be awarded in various categories just for our Golfplay regional competitors!

Golfzon 3rd International TournamentAll participants require a Golfzon log-in in order to play, and will compete on the same course with the same conditions.

“We’re hoping to get one of our golfer into the finals.We have some very talented players that we think can do it,” said Steve Harris, owner of Golfplay.“It’s going to be a fun month-long event. Plus anyone that comes out and gives it a shot will be eligible to win a prize through random draws. Anyone can win.”

Golfers can try to qualify as many times as they want in the open 30-day tournament. The bays will be placed on special-event rate, $25 / entry which includes the simulator time. Play as many times as you want!  Simply let our staff know that you’re participating in the tournament and we’ll get you set up. Note that all players must have a Golfzon ID to participate in this event. If you don’t yet have a Golfzon ID set up, it’s easy to set up online and download the app to your phone. For individuals without an account, click here to get started.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Jace at (519) 650-4242 or [email protected]

Good luck everyone!